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Somewhat illogical?


It seriously fucks me off that after all the work Thatcher did trying to make Britain a business friendly country; her supply side reforms and strong action over the unions, we’ve gone back to a situation where a group of people who have themselves partially to blame over the cost of the postal service, think that they should not face any reforms to a business which clearly needs reforming.

You mean, like the people who live in rural areas* by choice but don’t much fancy putting up with the extra cost of delivering mail to those same remote areas, and therefore want a subsidised ‘universal delivery’?

Thus, if they don’t want to put up with the extra costs of living in the country they should ‘fuck off’ (to paraphrase you), and sell up, thus allowing me to be able to afford to spend all of my time happily incurring the additional costs occurred enjoying the benefits of remote living.

Can’t have it both ways, chuck.

(* like I do for part of my month.)


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Another Robert ‘hurrah for socialist worker’ Peston classic;

Well, it’s a somewhat delayed reaction to that recent spot of bother for banks, which – as you don’t really need me to tell you yet again – was to a large extent caused by the mis-pricing and misallocation of capital by the free market on a magnificent scale.

Erm, in a fiat system, interest rates, and thus capital, are set by central banks. So, if that rate was too ‘cheap’, it was the fault of anything but the free market. Dimbo. Now, return to sound money, for instance the gold standard, and indeed the market does control capital, but that ain’t the system in Blighty. Oh, and if anyone wants to trot out the ‘independence of the Bank of England’ rubbish, let us not forget that they didn’t choose to exclude house price inflation from their calculations, and they certainly ain’t the market.

But then…. (emphasis mine)

This wasn’t just any old failure of markets. It was a system breakdown that has prompted a theological crisis for most mainstream economists and an existential crisis for those whom we trusted to deliver financial and economic stabiltity, viz regulators, central bankers and finance ministers.

Hang on a second, comrade, I thought it was the markets that failed? Regulators, central bankers and finance ministers are an anathema to free markets, you big lefty turnip. Jeez…

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Who’d a thunk it?

Well I never. In a clamor to keep their greasy little hands on power, Nu Labour are getting all authoritarian on us. I couldn’t have foreseen that coming, no Siree. Oh, wait a moment, British Jobs for British workers, blaa blaa blaa.

Opinion appears to be out on who inspired this odious idea ~ Guido says the BNP, that Yorkshire lass trapped in the wrong party thinks it was the Victorians.

Of course, the obvious thing would to be to stop encouraging young girls to do this by subsidising them, and stop taxing them if they decide to go for a bit of self reliance, but, hey ho.

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‘Politically, I’m fucked so it’s spend! spend! spend!’

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When Marr asked that question, I spat at the TV ‘He’s let him off!’, having to explain to my assembled house mates exactly what Tim has written here.

Then, like a lazy git, I didn’t blog it (it’s taking me a while to get back into this). And now he has. Bugger.

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Often, when someone makes the case for leaving the EU, as well as the tired old lies about ‘ending our trade with Europe’ (who as net benefactors from said trade would be putting their own people out of business in order to make a political point ~ not something any but the most loony politician would do), the accusation of being an insular ‘little Englander’ follows.

The reality is, at least in the case of free market anarchists, libertarians, et al, that they want to be able to trade with the whole world without state hindrance, not just some overtly white, inward looking EU subset of that world.

Yet little Europe still resists this. The poor of the EU will be forced to pay more for shoes, in order to artificially subsidise a tiny minority, if the insular trade fanatics get their way. While those who worship Gucci loafers may well applaud, those on a low wage who dread Johnny outgrowing yet another pair of school shoes may think otherwise.

I know who I would rather worry about.

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Here we go…

Do you get the feeling we are being softened up for a bit of imperial muscle flexing? You know the drill, Brown and, increasingly Obama, are unpopular, so let’s try the oldest of divisionary tactics ~ dropping bombs on some people a long way away with customs that are different to ours.

This will backfire, of course. The Tehran government are fairly unpopular by all accounts, and may have had to rig the last election to stay in power. However, dropping a few bombs on hospitals should rally them behind their leader, which he knows, and is one of the reasons he will have sanctioned this test.

All of this ignores the fact that there is only one power in the region that has working nuclear bombs and a working delivery system, and that they aren’t signatures to Non-Proliferation Treaty. But they appear to get a free ride in the ‘trying to acquire nuclear weapons is wrong’ stakes.

Still, Tony got to start three campaigns, why shouldn’t Brown be allowed one?

Not in my name. Peace, love, and small government.

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