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Secret inquests? Very handy if you want to cover up trigger happy cops shooting innocent electricians, or the odd random execution. I thought this was to be kicked into the long grass, in the expectation of Lords resistance, but it appears not;

Last night ministers suffered a humiliating defeat for the proposals in the House of Lords, but insisted that they were “clear” that “harmful material” must not be made public, and would reintroduce the measures in the Commons.

The new powers would allow them to turn inquests like that of Jean Charles de Menezes or those involving the deaths of British soldiers into secret hearings.

However, rather than realising that this is a really, really, piss poor idea, our authoritarian masters know better, as always; (emphasis mine)

Last night the Government pledged to overturn the Liberal Democrat amendment. A Ministry of Justice spokeswoman said it was important that an inquiry into any death should be able to hear all the evidence, even if it meant that part of the hearing should be closed to the public. She said to do otherwise would be a breach of a family’s human rights. She added: “But it is also important that evidence is not allowed to harm police operations or the national interest.”

No, that pesky evidence, huh? Need to find a way to get around that….


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Seriously, I thought I’d been on my jollys for a week, not a few months. Did I fall asleep in the bar, and it’s now April 1st, 2010?!?

FIXED fines for a whole new range of misdemeanours are being introduced in Nottingham.

Er, ok…..

These include:

Sitting in a stationary vehicle with its engine running for longer than three minutes.

What? My fucking car takes longer than that to warm up, you dickheads (admittedly, it is 30 years old, but, hey, aren’t we all meant to be recycling?). However, that isn’t the point. Who the fuck do these cunts think they are? Fining people for not moving in their own vehicles? Cunts.

Richard Antcliff, the council’s chief anti-social behaviour officer, said the widening of fixed penalty notice (FPN) offences was a response to regular public surveys. It would allow the authority to tackle “day to day annoyances”, he said.

Oh yea, sure it was, Richard Pants on Fire. It has nothing at all to do with stealing more of our money. I bet the council are just swamped by people complaining that someone has been sat in their car for 3 mins 10 secs with the engine running. Of all the hideous crimes…

Jamil Ahmed, secretary of the Nottingham Licensed Taxi Drivers’ Association, said: “Taxi engines have to be kept warm as starting them up again from cold can be a major issue, especially in the winter.

It’s also less enviromentally friendly in older vehicles and anything but the most modern of diesels. Such as the 2.7L Nissan lumps found in lots of taxis. I guess Nottingham City Council is admitting that global warming is a load of old bollocks. So why are they building that tram again?

I really need to accelerate project ‘fuck off to my unabomber style shack in the middle of nowhere’, or you’ll see a large fish on the new at 10, after having gone mental with an Uzi.

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Rebecca Wilcox

Fuck off and die.


I can’t believe that this ‘I got a job because of my mummy’ dumbo is allowed to make such a one sided, piss poor, full of lies and half truths piece of shit as this with my fucking money.

In case you missed it, I’ll summarize;

  • Individual liberty is not as important at getting at ‘junk food pushers’ such as supermarkets. Better poor people starve that get a bit fat, eh, luv? She actually said, when a minister (amazingly) said that we couldn’t ignore individual liberty ~ ‘well, I’m not interested in that’.
  • Maccy D’s and Burger King were evil ~ full stop. I haven’t been in one recently, so I can assume that they now force you to eat 20,000 burgers a day at gunpoint. Either that, or she is talking shit.
  • Sugar in foods in a ‘conspiracy’

I thought it was us anarchist / lib types that were conspiracy theory nuts, not authoritarian nut jobs?


Just to recap, then ~ Rebecca Wilcox ~ Fuck off and DIE.

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No, really, who are they, and how to they manage to do the most basic things, like getting dressed, feeding themselves, or tying their shoelaces?

Consumers Association of Ireland spokesman Dermot Jewell said the surge in prices was yet another indication of the way consumers were being treated by airlines.

“The airlines have a policy of watching where there will be a guaranteed demand and then increasing their prices,” he said.

“They are unapologetic about it. Whatever about supply and demand, once this happens any fairness in pricing policy goes out the window. It’s a case of – if you want to go you’ll pay dearly for it.”

What? What?!?!? Shock horror, desirable things in great demand cost more than shit things that nobody wants! Evil capitalist pigs. Jesus H Christ, if this Dermot chap is a typical example of the people protecting the Irish peoples ‘consumer rights’, they are all completely screwed. I mean, come on, supply & demand, it’s GCSE level stuff, mate. Get a grip.

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Euripides warns us..

….that, ‘A man is known by the company he keeps.’.


So, ladies and gentlemen, you may know your new master, the post constitution Lisbon EU. The Torygraph reports that should the war criminal fail to become overlord of the EU, then the offensive little spunk bucket Miliband will be lined up to become the un-elected ‘EU ‘foreign minister’

This odious little tit was the man who, upon finding himself facing some tricky questions by a select committee over the not a constitution, suddenly remembered he was Jewish, and used the murder of millions of fellow human beings as a shield against further tough questions by feigning moral outrage. Hamming up an ‘well, I’m outraged’ face like a not very good sixth form student attempting one of the Bard of Avon’s more difficult works, this little shit used one of the last centuries most disgusting crimes as an excuse to avoid accusations of selling out the British people. That single, offensive moment alone, tells you everything you need to know about the morality of this career politician.

To think that this qualifies him as the spokesperson for hundreds of millions of people on matters such as genocide makes my flesh crawl.

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You know, there’s something really familiar about this situation and I just can’t think what it is…

Good to see that married life doesn’t dent a chaps razor sharp wit.

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Here, Polly thinks us voting refusenicks are being awfully ungrateful.

For canvassers the most maddening response is the ignorant-smug, “I never vote, you’re all the same”. There are times Labour canvassers want to shake them:

Yes, how dare they compare an authoritarian, EU-centric, big state outfit, such as the Torys, with another authoritarian, EU-centric big stat outfit?

who gave you your pension credit of £130 a week, your winter warmer, your bus pass?

Well, as a net tax contributor, I did. You just gave me years of national debt to pay off, and endless nannying.

Who put neighbourhood police on your street, cut crime by 60%?

Not this shower. They gave us massaged crime figures, plastic pigs and politicians masquerading as Chief Constables who I can’t even vote for.

Who made sure that if you fall you won’t spend all day in A&E

…where you will then contract MSRA and die.

Who gave your grandchildren tax credits and educational maintenance allowances,

The same people who taxed them in the first place ( I’m not crediting any fool for giving back to me something that they have already stolen. I don’t care if that was stolen from me or my neighbor)

who rebuilt their school and gave them a college place?

..and saddled them with debt, dodgy PFI deals, and certificates that are worth jack shit, because they are so academically worthless.

Now, to respond to the words greatest hypocrite, here is my list;

Who engaged us in three campaigns, two of which were almost certainly illegal in themselves, or involved war crimes? Who made it a criminal offence to do a bit of wiring on your own property? Who signed our sovereignty, and thus our democracy, away to a corrupt, un-elected bureaucracy, backtracking on the promise of a vote? Who took away countless civil rights, and proposed locking people up for months at a time without trial? Who demands that we all be catalogued, identified and carded? Who has assumed the we are all child rapists unless we can prove out innocence? Who wants to retain the genetic profile of innocent men, women, and children? Who tried to make it a criminal offence to criticise religion, further eroding what little free speech we have left? Who enabled an army of petty little snoopers to spy on us, and to enter our own houses without warrant or permission? Who gets off on bansturbation, banning everything from having a fag with a pint, light bulbs that work, and Olympic pistol shooting (except for Johnny Foreigner, who will be allowed to shoot at the Olympics)? Who kept house price inflation out of the figures, meaning money was too cheap for too long? Who managed to piss up 10 years of growth, increasing budget deficit despite record tax returns? Who has saddled future generations with mountains of debt, both on and off the books via PFI, unfunded state pensions, etc? Who? Who? Who?

And who had their fucking snouts in the trough during this shit storm of crappiness?

You and your shit for brain cronies, that who Polly Privileged Pants. So, forgive me if we’re not eternally grateful when your troops come round to sing the praises of the great leader. Perhaps you should just be happy we don’t poke your eyes out with a stick.

Now fuck off and die.

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