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So, we have the party who opposed the wars shacking up with the party that started illegal wars. We have the party who claim to champion civil liberties shacking up with the party of big brother authoritarians. We have the party of low taxes for the low paid shacking up with the party of stealth taxes and the elimination of the 10p tax rate.


And the justification for this? We have the party of proportional representation shacking up with Labour to get the non-proportional Alternative Vote system, a stitch up by the big three to permanently exclude smaller parties from the system and give us endless, large state, EU loving, back scratching deals.

Nick Clegg and a ‘new type of politics’? Don’t take the piss.


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…. and interestingly, a Lib / Lab pact also short. Mmmmmm…….


Update 1: Mandleson suggesting Brown will squat on in Number 10, waiting until kicked out. Swing in Sunderland suggests about 8% swing to Torys, Guardian reporting that an american polling company has looked at exit data and called a 327 Majority for Dave’s crew. Mmmmmm…..

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OK, so I intend to go and vote. Here are my options.

1. Fibbers

No chance. Social Democracy my arse

2. Liebour

Fortunately, I’m not suffering from a mental illness, so no.

3. Green

See above. I have too much respect for the environment to vote communist.

4. Independent chap.

Sorry, doesn’t appear to have any policies, and sounds a bit ‘old labour’ to me.


Can’t bring myself to vote for these chaps ~ too many social authoritarian streaks for me, banning headgear and whatnot.

6. Tory’s

Can I hold my nose and vote for Dave? Not too sure I can.

7. Ruin Paper

Shows that I am prepared to take part, yet have complete distain for all options offered. Closest thing to ‘none of the above’. Imagine an election where ruined papers scored more than all the others counted ~ any elected politician could hardly claim a mandate.

So, I’m at sixes and sevens deciding this one.

Update: Indi wasn’t on ballot, but some Christian Party nut job had appeared, so that didn’t help.

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