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Hat tip ~ LRC

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The Guardian are getting their knickers in a twist over the YBF. Apparently, they went to the States and shot guns. Guns, I tells thee, guns! Oh, won’t someone please think of the children. Etc, etc.

As a gun mad nutter who lives in his unabomber style shack wearing a tin foil hat to stop the government death rays, polishing his gun collection and awaiting the new world order*, this news doesn’t really bother me at all.

However, just what they are doing peddling Viagra spam, I don’t know. Take a look;

YBF website, all scripts, flash, etc allowed;



Now, due to the aforementioned paranoid state**, I run the no-script plug in, which blocks something and reveals…





So, what is it, are the YBF a bunch of right wing gun slinging, NHS hating, extremists, or are they just a bunch of technophobic Tory’s with penile deficiency issues?

I think we should be told

* dear tedious lefties ~ this is a ‘joke’

** dear tedious lefties ~ this is another ‘joke’. I’m actually an IT professional who thinks No-Script is a useful security tool.

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Here we go……

The not a constitution that was just a tidying up exercise will lead to the first EU wide direct tax, just to pay for the new institutions created by the not a constitution tidying up exercise.


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